Real bride Deb re-marries husband Tom

in Las Vegas


Second time's a charm!

Tom surprized his gorgeous wife with a trip to Vegas and a

magical proposal to renew their vows.   He had everything ready...

romantic words, horse and buggy, veil and a couture silk dress

by Lesley Giles

"Deb looked Awesome and we had an amazing time....Thanks again
for all your hard work to make it happen!!!

We got married New Years 2007 in Jamaica with 5 kids between us.  Only David , at the   time 17yrs old, and my best man, new about it.  The rest, 3 girls with dresses pre-made ,

shoes etc.  we told the day before we were to be married.  We got married on the beach with them as flower girls and our 2 year old boy Cody was our ring boy.

This Vegas wedding was some crazy idea of mine that started when Deb wanted to go back to Vegas.  She told me this in February.  We got married in Vegas on May I had some work to do to pull it off!!

Without your help it would have been impossible. The dress, the shoes and all the other accessories a man would never know about....your enthusiasm kept my motivation up….. then you had it all shipped out there for me so I could relax (kinda).

Thankfully I thought to arrange a personal assistant at the Belagio who met Deb at the room, surprised her with the dress and was her companion and helped make sure she got to the Limo on time.    They apparently hit it off and had a blast. Guys were trying to pick her up, buying her drinks, whistling at her as they made their way through the casino, stopping for a refreshment, picture or to spin the Roulette wheel.

I was out front of the Belagio waiting, with single rose in my hand, for the prettiest girl in the world to show up so I could ask her to re-marry me.

We had so much fun, the Little White chapel with Henry the minister and the grouchy old ladies working there entertained us.  After some photo ops with Elvis we made our way back to the Belagio where we had an amazing, amazing dinner on the outside patio at the edge of the pond with the fountains performing in front of the hotel.

It was a day to remember for sure and one that's going to be hard to top should I get the urge to re-marry Deb again...any suggestions as I am game??





Real bride Dannielle

weds in Hamilton

"Hi Lesley,
Thank you for making such a beautiful dress. 

It fit wonderfully and was so comfortable all day. 

I'm very pleased with the way it turned out! 

I loved the accessories (earrings, bracelet, veil) too...

they really completed the look perfectly.


photos by




Real bride Carolline and Roland

wed in Oakville




"Thank you for your part

in making our day that much more special

with your beautiful wedding dress

Tania and David"



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