Lesley Giles

Wedding Gown Designer


Lesley's interest in clothing began at age six when she made her first princess costume out of paper and tape while on a camping trip in France.  Born in London England, Lesley Giles immigrated to Canada at age eight and now resides here with her husband and two sons...

Lesley’s mother taught her to use the sewing machine when she was seven years old. At age eight she made her first party dress, and by twelve she was creating winter coats and suits.

In her late teens, travel in Europe, inspired a love of fine art and European culture. Upon her return to Canada, Lesley studied fashion, art history and business at George Brown College, The University of Guelph and York University.  She had no idea where this was all leading her.

In 1989 Lesley married her sweetheart, Teo Verspaget, in a blush silk gown of her own creation.  With her family's support, and the encouragement of a friend, she opened a small atelier in Thornhill Ontario, where she had much success creating exquisite bespoke clothing, for what would quickly become a loyal clientele.

By 1993 the little workshop had grown and relocated to Oakville as a full couturier, specializing in fine silk bridal gowns.  The boutique was a great success and Lesley loved every minute of it.  Still, something was missing...

Ten years into her marriage, after five miscarriages, on October 16, 1998 Lesley gave birth to the joy of her life, her first son, Nicholas. Two years later the joy was doubled when a second son, Maxamillion completed the family. At the birth of Max, Lesley decided that she couldn't bare to be away from her children and so gave up her couturier to concentrate on raising Nic and Max...but she didn't sell the business because she knew she'd be back.

In October of 2006 Lesley Giles returned to bridal fashion with “Gorgeous” at the Wedding Channel Couture Show in New York City.

On March 18, 2007 the couturier in Oakville Ontario re-opened, right next door to where it had been before, at 67 Bronte Road. 

The return of Lesley Giles Bride was a great success and so the time came to buy the building.  Sadly the Bronte village building was not for sale so Lesley and her family spent over a year searching for just the right place. 

At the end of June 2010, the Bronte Village location closed and everything was moved to Lesley Giles Bride in The Old Schoolhouse in rural Dundas, 7 minutes west of Waterdown. The new location offers a warm and elegant place for brides to relax and enjoy the process of shopping for the perfect wedding dress.